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Welcome to Homegrown Explorers 

School for a new era

This alternative, home-based education is a 

hands-on adventure that fosters curiosity, exploration, and respect for ourselves, earth, and community.

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Our activities are play-based and project-based. We use real life materials, not worksheets or text books.

Our community connection meetings are discussion-based. We are not a top-down, authoritarian traditional school model. We practice non-violent communication and conflict resolution.

Our decades of experience as unschoolers have demonstrated unschooling to be a successful way to grow, learn, and live in alignment with our values.

Honor for the individual, family, community, earth and cosmos guide our principles in each and every activity and quest.

We encourage intellectual curiosity, communication, and exploration. We teach compassion over comparison and competition.

Our students’ successes come from accomplishing developmentally appropriate work in an authentic way.


We do not use external rewards such as grades or punishments such as demerits.

What Makes Us Different

Family Preparing Dinner

Do you need more support?

In addition to our school program we also offer private one-on-one coaching for parents who want the benefits of an unschooling lifestyle while also receiving extra guidance, support, and resources.

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