Our Journey

Two months into Julia’s kindergarten year, she changed from sweet, active and compassionate to angry and miserable!  


The situation at home was filled with conflict. Something had to change.


Lynne opted to try homeschooling for one year as an experiment.


We strive to provide joyful lifelong learning for peace and harmony in the home, the community, and the world.

We foster self-motivated learning and critical thinking by trusting and helping children to delve into their own interests, at their own pace without rewards or punishments. 


We honor children and their families. 

We nurture curiosity and creativity.  We believe that play-based learning and exploration best supports children’s development in all areas: physical, emotional, and cognitive.

We believe children’s learning is cognitive, physical, emotional, and evolving. We do not minimize learning by grading with letters or numbers. We trust in each child’s ability to constantly learn.


We assess in collaboration with the child and the parents with trust and respect for the process while understanding every person’s pace and way is different.

We encourage a community which supports, encourages, and collaborates. We encourage negotiation, consensus, and listening. We are non-authoritarian.

We focus on living and learning in communion with nature. We aim to use supplies which are reused, reusable, sustainable, and kind to the planet. We encourage hand-made, found, and locally sourced products.

Meet The Team

Lynne Lisa

Bestselling author, educator, speaker, and parenting coach with 25 years of experience in alternative education, with a BA in child development and family/child studies.


Lynne has taught in both public and private schools in addition to unschooling her four children.  She coaches parents to create peace and harmony in their homes.  Lynne has written two books: Work at Home, School at Home and the international bestseller, Become a Chill Pill Mom. 


Favorite subject in school was reading. In college, Lynne liked Nutrition, Political Science, and Educational Psychology.


Hobbies today are yoga, gymnastics, hiking, painting, vegan cooking, and hanging out with her cool grown unschooled kids. 

Thomas Lisa

A lifelong unschooler. For the last 3 years he taught English as a Foreign Language in China to students from ages 4 through 15.  Thomas studied and became proficient in Mandarin at university in China. He is currently studying Japanese. His love of travel has taken him extensively through Asia and Europe. He is certified as a group fitness instructor and teaches kickboxing. 


Favorite activities as a child were reading, stage combat, Pokémon and acrobatics.


Hobbies today are fitness, foreign languages, and traveling.

Jack Lisa

A lifelong unschooler. Jack is truly a Jack-of -All-Trades. He is a visual artist as well as a scientist, chef, gardener, and healer. He studied traditional martial arts in China and has earned the high honor of Bagua Palm Master. While in China he taught English as a Foreign Language to Chinese students.


Favorite activities as a child were playing with Legos, cooking, and tae kwon do.

Hobbies today are training his lovable dogs, coffee-roasting, and fermenting.

Julia Lisa

A lifelong unschooler (since first grade). Julia has twelve years of experience teaching theater to students from elementary through high school. Julia is an award-nominated costume designer and theater director in Los Angeles. She has a degree in theater from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 


Julia is also a leader in the eco-conscious lifestyle. Julia coaches families on how to save money and reduce their carbon footprint through sustainable living.


Favorite activities as a child were acting, dancing, making costumes and building fairy houses.


Hobbies today include living waste-free, upcycling, and hanging out with her lovable doggies.

Anthony Lisa

A lifelong unschooler. His love of learning has earned him a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science from University of California at Irvine, and two Associates Degrees in STEM, and Humanities from Pierce College.

Anthony is fluent in ASL, American Sign Language. He studied traditional martial arts and Mandarin in China. He has extensive tutoring experience across many subjects. Anthony also worked as a professional magician and has performed at the famous Magic Castle.


Favorite activities as a child were magic, imaginative play, puzzles, and kung fu.


Hobbies today include coding, chess and fitness.