Program Info

Home Grown Explorers combines unschooling (following children’s interests and learning style) with guided quests (that’s what we call our lessons).


We meet every morning, Monday - Thursday via Zoom for approximately 45 minutes to gather as a community, share ideas, and discuss topics of our quests. Children will have the opportunity to share and connect with each other.


Our cross-curricular quests begin with short videos, usually about 10 to 15 minutes. We invite students to explore the topic in depth, using their own imaginations and materials at home. We provide a list of resources and supplies that may be useful. Depending on the student’s pace, each quest lasts approximately 12 to 16 weeks. Quests cover multiple subjects including languages, literacy, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences such as history, geography and cultures.


Teachers are available via email during school days to answer questions.

Magic & Wonder

Based on years of education, research, and experience, we adhere to the belief that all children are inherently capable. We honor the brevity and preciousness of childhood. We preserve the magic and wonder of discovery for all children. 

Family & Earth Connections

Our program is play-based, academically sound, and reverent of the connection among children to family, each other, and earth.


We foster respect for the child, family, and

the environment we all share. We honor all students’ learning styles, and we teach with compassion, empathy, and justice for all living beings. 


As COVID-19 has changed our way of socializing, buying, and working, we focus on building strong relationships and self-sustaining lifestyles which are healthy for the child, the family, the community, and the planet. We are a school for a new era. 


Because we respect each student as an individual, we encourage self-directed learning and assessment. We value growth and exploration over competition. We value each person’s individuality: body, mind, and heart. We value cooperation and collaboration. We encourage compassionate conflict resolution. We respect and honor the family. We support unschooling, a child-led, natural educational method. We provide unschool-friendly support, education, and guidance.

Kids Playing with Chalk